Link 16 Aug Mystery withdrawals from accounts of MH370 passengers, AsiaOne Malaysia News»
Link 3 Aug 10 worst examples of Christian or far-right terrorism»
Link 2 Aug»

Is this the craziest thing ever?

Link 2 Aug Many Of The Counties Most In Need Of Obamacare Are Represented By Republicans Who Want To Repeal It»

Red States, you don’t have to be red. They do not like you and they are not working for you. They work for the %1 and corporations, and thru tax cuts steal more of your money. It’s time to realize you are being punked by these thieves.

Link 2 Aug "We Are Slowly Dying": Fast-Food Workers Launch Strike for Living Wage and Right to Unionize | Democracy Now!»
Link 2 Aug 36 Senators Introduce Bill Prohibiting Virtually Any New Law Helping Workers»

Whatever their corporate masters want.

Link 2 Aug Noam Chomsky: "Bradley Manning Should Be Regarded as a Hero"»
Link 2 Aug Taxpayer Dollars Subsidize ALEC Birthday Bash»

While they destroy our country, we pay for their parties? What the hell for?


Link 1 Aug Koch And Halliburton Use Revolving Door To Lobby Against Regulating Carbon Pollution»
Link 1 Aug You Only Wish You Could Live Like a Congressional Fat Cat - Money Morning»

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